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Chapters in books

Lifetime count 25, in books published in England, Canada, Germany, Denmark, and Scotland.
  • 1960: “Symbolism in Tennyson’s Minor Poems,” Critical Essays on the Poetry of Tennyson, ed. John Kilham. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.
  • 1965: “Travel Books, 1880-1920,” Literary History of Canada, vol. I, ed. Carl Klinck. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • 1965: “Travel Books, 1920-1960,” Literary History of Canada, vol. II, ed. Carl Klinck. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • 1966: “Lucy Maud Montgomery,” The Clear Spirit, ed. M.Q. Innis. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • 1975 "Conclusion" in Re(Dis)covering our Foremothers, ed. Lorraine McMullen. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press.
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  • 1982: “Past and Present Selves: Patterns in Sartor Resartus,” Thomas Carlyle, ed. Horst Drescher. Frankfort: Lang.
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  • 1987: "Orphans, Twins and L.M.Montgomery,” Family Fictions in Canadian Literature, ed. Peter Hinchcliffe. Waterlo:University of Waterloo Press.
  • 1989: "Double is Trouble: the Twin Motif in A Jest of God" Magaret Laurence: Reappraisals, ed. Colin Nicholson.London: Macmillan.
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  • 1994: “Marigold and the Magic of Memory,” Harvesting Thistles: the Textual Garden of L.M. Montgomery, ed. Mary Rubio. Guelph: Canadian Children’s Press.
  • 1997: “Scottish Women Abroad: The Canadian Experience,” A History of Scottish Women’s Writing, ed. Douglas Gifford and Dorothy MacMillan. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press.
  • 1999: “Flowers in L. M. Montgomery,” L.M. Montgomery Album, ed. Kevin McCabe. Toronto: Fitzhenry & Whiteside.
  • 1999: “Reflection Piece: The Poetry of L.M.Montgomery” L.M. Montgomery and Canadian Culture, ed.Irene Ganmel and Elizabeth Epperly. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • 1999: “Witness and Wife,” Called to Witness, ed. John Moir. Hamilton: Presbyterian Church of Canada.
  • 2000: “The Iconography of Islands: Margaret Atwood and L.M Montgomery” Message in a Bottle, ed. Laurie Brinklow, Frank Ledwell, Jane Ledwell. Chalottetown: Institute of Island Studies.
  • 2003: “The Nature of Children’s Literature,” Windows and Words, ed. Aida Hudson and Susan-Ann Cooper. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press.
  • 2013: "Anne of Green Gables -- and Afterward," Anne around the World: L. M. Montgomery and her Classic, ed. Jane Ledwell and Jean Mitchell. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.
  • 2014: "Guilt, Guile and Ginger in Small Ceremonies," The Worlds of Carol Shields, ed. David Staines. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press.
  • 2014: "Lucy Maud Montgomery 1874-1942 (1966)," The L.M.Montgomery Reader, Volume Two: A Critical Heritage, ed. Benjamin Lefebvre. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • 2015: "Leaksdale: L.M. Montgomery's Rainbow Valley", L.M. Montgomery's Rainbow Valleys: The Ontario Years, 1911-1942, ed. Rita Bode and Lesley D. Clement. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Articles in refereed journals

Lifetime count 35 publications.
  • 1951: “Symbols in Tennyson’s Minor Poems,” University of Toronto Quarterly, July, XX,4.
  • 1968: “Politics of Conquest in in Canadian Historical Fiction,” Mosaic, Fall, III.
  • 1968: “New Mathematics: A Metaphor Built for Two,” Humanities Association Bulletin, XIX.
  • 1969: “Travel Paths in Canada,” Waterloo Historical Association, LVII.
  • 1971: “Kipling in Canada,” Journal of Canadian Studies, May, V,2.
  • 1971: “The Haloing Snake,” Alphabet, 18-19.
  • 1971: “Sir Walter Scott and Early Canadian novels,” Scottish Tradition, I, 2.
  • 1971: “Layton: Apocalypse in Montreal,” Canadian Literature, 48.
  • 1972: “Galt, Scott, and the Frontiers of Canadian Fiction,” Journal of Canadian Fiction, Summer.
  • 1973: “Canadian Cabbage, Canadian Rose,” Journal of Canadian Fiction, Summer, II.
  • 1974: “Kailyard Fiction and its Influence in Canada,” Scottish Tradition, VI-VII.
  • 1975: “Continuity in Canadian Studies,” Resources in Education, January.
  • 1976: “Prairie Experience,” Classmate, Winter.
  • 1976: “A Canadian Best Seller,” Journal of Canadian Studies, Summer.
  • 1976: “The Missing Face,” Studies in Canadian Literature, I, 2.
  • 1976: “The Gap in Henry Adams’ Education,” Canadian Review of American Studies, Fall.
  • 1977: “Tennyson and the Church Bells,” Dalhousie Review, Spring.
  • 1978: “Howells and the City of Quebec,” Canadian Review of American Studies, VII.
  • 1979: “Literature of Exploration,” Studies in Canadian Literature, Summer.
  • 1980: “John Galt’s Canadian Experience,” Studies in Scottish Literature, XV.
  • 1980: “Galt and the Lone Shieling,” Canadian Poetry, Summer, 6.
  • 1981: “Whistler at a New Plough: Alex Somerville in Canada,” Scottish Tradition, IX-X.
  • 1982: “Best-Sellers in 19th Century Canada,” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, September.
  • 1982: “Travel Books: A Trip through Time,” Canadian Children’s Literature, 26.
  • 1985: “Gilbert Parker and the Rebellion of 1837,” Journal of Canadian Studies, 20,1.
  • 1985: “Scottish Literary Tradition in Canada,” Cencrastis, Fall.
  • 1985: “Town and country in Galt,” Urban History Review, June, XXXC.
  • 1986: “Scottish Studies in Canada,” Books in Scotland, Summer: 21
  • 1986: “Regions and Eras in Ontario Poetry,” Canadian Poetry, Spring/Summer: 18.
  • 1988: “Twins and Orphans in L.M. Montgomery,” New England Quarterly, Fall.
  • 1988: “Montgomery at Macdonald College,” The Macdonald Journal, May: 49,2.
  • 1991: “John Galt and the Canadian Star of Destiny,” Canadian Literature, 129: Summer.
  • 1995: “The Imperialist and the Politics of Presbyterian Ministry,” Scotlands, 2,1.
  • 1999: “Going for Eternity: A Child’s Garden of Verse,” Canadian Children’s Literature, 96: 25,4.
  • 2000: “Diana Bayley: A Grandmamma’s Tale,” Canadian Children’s Literature, 100: 26,4.

Entries in reference books

Lifetime count 23 entries.
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Book reviews in refereed journals

Lifetime count 29 reviews.
  • 1972: “King of Egypt,” Journal of Canadian Fiction, Fall, 3.
  • 1972: “New found Eyes,” Canadian Literature, 52.
  • 1973: “Two Canadian Novelists,” Humanities Association Review.
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  • 1982: “Civilization?” Canadian Literature, 95.
  • 1982: “The Marriage Bed,” World Literature Written in English, 21.
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  • 1990 "Roughing it in the Bush, ed. Carl Ballstadt", University of Toronto Quarterly, 60, 1, 150-153.
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  • 1995: “Two Schools,” Literary Review of Canada, October, IV.
  • 1996: “Gardening by book,” Literary Review of Canada, December 5, 11.
  • 1997: “The Poetry of John Strachan,” University of Toronto Quarterly, Summer.
  • 1998: “Paddling in the Burn,” Canadian Children’s Literature. 90/91.

Speeches and Papers read at conferences

Lifetime count 50 invited speeches at: Canadian Council of Teachers of English, Vancouver; Ontario Council on Canadian Studies, Glendon College; Canadian Association for American Studies, Ottawa; Gordon Roper conference, Trent University; New England Modern Language Association, Burlington, VT; McMaster University; Sir Walter Scott Conference, University of Florida, Gainesville; Association of Canadian and Quebec Literatures, Saskatoon; Conference on Biography and Literature, Wilfrid Laurier University; University of Windsor; National Federation of University Women, Quebec City; International Federation of Burns Clubs; Maritime Symposium, Acadia. University; International Carlyle Conference, Mainz, Germany; Aberdeen International Conference on Scott; Sir Walter Scott Club, Toronto; University of Ottawa; North Eastern Modern Language Association, Erie, PA.; Culture and Technology Conference, St. Michael’s College, Toronto; Canadian Historical Association. University of Guelph; Conference on Canada, Aarhus, Denmark; Atlantic Institute, Charlottetown; University of Manitoba public address; University of Ottawa, International Conference on Canada, Edinburgh; International Conference on Robert Louis Stevenson, Guelph; Conference on Family fictions, University of Waterloo; Interrnational Conference of Society for Research in Children’s Literature, Salamanca, Spain; International Symposium on American and Canadian Cultures, Helsinki, Finland; International Conference on Scottish-Canadian Connections, University of Edinburgh; Small Islands Conference, Charlottetown; L. M. Montgomery Literary Institute Conferences, Charlottetown; Conference on Canadian Children’s Literature, Ottawa; Scottish Colloquium. Guelph; Public Library Series, Bradenton, FL.; International Conference on L. M. Montgomery, Uppsala, Sweden.



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