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Elizabeth Waterston was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and Member of the Order of Ontario because she “has contributed to Canadian culture as teacher, writer, editor, public speaker at home and abroad, and mentor to younger writers.” She taught at Concordia, Western, and Guelph Universities and is now Professor Emeritus at Guelph. She divides her years between winters in Florida and summers in London Ontario.

About her writing she says, “After years of publishing academic books and articles and editing learned journals, I have happily swung into writing novels and memoirs. I write the kind of novels I like to read: colorful, warm-hearted, full of convincing characters and unexpected plot twists. In memoirs such as Blitzkrieg and Jitterbugs, and Rapt in Plaid: Canadian Literature and Scottish Tradition, I have drawn on memories of a long life as student, teacher, and inveterate reader.

"With my friend and colleague Mary Rubio I have co-edited many books by and about L.M. Montgomery, and have written a full-length study of her fiction, titled Magic Island: The Fictions of L.M. Montgomery. Most recently I have been writing about the creative process, and studying the paths writers take as they move from a first notion to a completed work of art. The first result of this new interest is Readying Rilla: L.M. Montgomery Reworks her Manuscript.

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